Shri Anand Jayaswal

Anand-Jayaswal-newBorn in 1976, Mr Anand Jayaswal, is a third generation industrialist owing his lineage to a family of entrepreneurs in the iron and steel sector. He hold a Master’s Degree in Commerce. He has accumulated rich experience in project execution and operation of Iron and Steel Units & Valve manufacturing. As Managing Director of NSSL Ltd, Mr. Anand Jayaswal provides guidance for selection of viable technology and plant & machinery for the units. His core strength lies in designing and implementing systems and procedures for operations. Over the years, he has gained valuable experience in project financing and plays a key role in the same.

Mr. Anand Jayaswal, with his vision and foresight, has planned rapid growth in the field of Engineering & Automotive market. He is pursuing his vision of making NSSL a global company by overseas and domestic acquisitions and has acquired a forged steel valve unit near Milan in Italy and another one at Doha, Qatar to serve international customers in Petroleum & Refineries.

Apart from his responsibilities as Managing Director of NSSL, Mr. Anand Jayaswal also plays an active role in many Industrialist forums. As a senior member of the Executive Committee of Vidarbha Industrial Association, he has successfully taken up the cause of local Industries with the regional and national administrative bodies.