JNIL established 2 Foundry Units catering to the Heavy Engineering sectors like Power Plant, Integrated Steel Plant, Mini Steel Plant, Engineering Industry, Earth moving equipments and Sugar industry. Presently the 2 Units serving this segment include
  • NECO Heavy Engineering & Castings Limited which was established in 1987
  • JNIL- Anjora Foundry Division
Regular products for casting division include:

Products for Integrated Steel Plant

Valve industry


Rolling Mills

Components for Pumps, Gears, Earth Moving equipments, Sugar mills, Defense etc.


Earth moving Equipments

Sugar Mills

Wind Mills


We also make Engineering castings other than above like Gear Wheel in SG and Steel, Bearing Housing, Flywheel pulley, Floor Plates, Brake Drums, Mother Mould Castings etc.

NHECL Casting Division Regular Products

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